Introducing FlyDive™ X-Board™


Safe, Durable and Fun for Years

Fun in five (or less)

FlyDive ™ is committed to producing the most innovative and durable hydroflight products. When you buy an X-Board, you are buying a product that you can fly with the family for years or develop your own professional skills. 

Fly High, Dive Deep. Play Safe.


The most advanced hydroflight system designed and engineered to support both beginners AND top-tier professional rider performance.


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Ease-of-Use Engineering

The X-Board’s lower foot-to-bearing height and wider stance provide maximum stability for faster learning for beginners and higher performance for pros.

Best-in-Class Pricing

Thanks to superior manufacturing, we are able to offer the highest quality board at a price the competition simply cannot match.

Guaranteed Fun

The Flydive X-Board is family friendly and guaranteed to make your next day on the water a blast!