The Seabreacher watercraft. A cutting edge break through in recreational boating and until now, a thrill only a few could afford. Experience new dimensions as Hydrobatix expert pilots take you on the adrenaline pumping ride of your life!

- Sit back and enjoy the ride as you race across the surface of the water at 65 MPH. 

- Get ready for high speed High G surface maneuvers.

- Watch the water rip past the canopy at 30 mph as you dive 6 ft. below the surface

- Hold tight for the 20 ft vertical jumps as you launch out of a dive

- Watch the world spin around you in full inversion with  a high speed 360 degree barrel roll

This exclusive experience is one that the whole family can enjoy! 

Want to fly and dive?

Purchase a package deal, where you can be soaring above crystal blue waters on a flyboard, and minutes later be strapped into the Seabreacher, diving down 6 feet into the water, and shooting straight up out of it! This package deal is sure to get your adrenaline rushing!