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In the world of luxury yachts, the competition is fierce; from sleek and stylish to opulent and majestic, yacht builders worldwide constantly push the limits of what’s possible on the high seas. At Aqua Flight, we’re proud to say that we’re at the forefront of this exciting industry, offering innovative solutions for any yacht design. Whether you’re looking for a classic boat with timeless elegance or a modern masterpiece with all the latest amenities, we’ve got you covered.

Customizable Solutions Specially Tailored to Your Superyacht & Tenders

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Our relationships and experience in the business have allowed us to develop the niche to customize and fabricate everything from transom fenders and fender hooks to carbon fiber boarding solutions, tender booms, sun awnings, guard railings, beach clubs, dive lockers, compressors, and custom galley designs. We understand the sky is the limit regarding customization and are always up for the challenge.

To ensure that your investment is protected, we offer a variety of fender hooks and transom fenders that are custom-fit to your railings and bulwarks. Our fender hooks are available in several colors, and we even offer opportunities to add your yacht name or insignia. Additionally, we can fabricate clips to store paddleboards, fishing rods, or tender whips, opening up even more toy storage onboard.

For more giant toys such as personal watercraft, tenders, seaplanes, and submarines, we can assist with the custom fitting of solid core transom fenders that satisfy both form and function of your yacht. Our transom fenders are manufactured with closed-cell foam covered with marine-grade Hypalon in several color options to ensure a perfect customized fit and finish with decorative/non-traditional non-skid options. When possible, we utilize your existing sockets with expanding bungs to create a reliable and safe fendering solution for any tender or toy.

At Aqua Flight, no project is too small or large for us to tackle. We have assisted in numerous projects that have enabled us to replicate outdated hardware, recreate custom tools, and turn concepts into reality. Our team can help with the custom rigging of your tenders, installation of aftermarket parts, custom storage/lifting solutions for your water toys, and more.

Bespoke Yacht Solutions Tailored For You

As tenders become more extensive and yachts continue to push the boundaries of size and luxury, we have had to develop mooring solutions to cater to this growing niche. Our custom carbon fiber tender booms allow for a more robust and trustworthy mooring solution for your tender, especially in unexpected weather. We build to order and per project, meaning that every project is custom to the application and the best possible solution for the challenge.

In addition to our primary services, we offer a range of other services, including:

  1. Tender Tow Eye
  2. Console Navigation and Stereo Installation
  3. Custom Inflatables
  4. Dive Cabinets, among so many more.

We understand that the needs of yacht owners and captains are constantly evolving, and we are dedicated to keeping up with those needs. We offer innovative solutions and unparalleled customer service to ensure your yacht is always in top condition and ready for the next adventure. Contact us today to discuss your custom yacht solutions.

Specialty Services

  • Ships Bell
  • Tender Tow Eye
  • Dive Compressors
  • Dive Cabinets
  • Chocks
  • Yacht Signs
  • Tender Booms
  • Paddle Board Holders
  • Custom Inflatables
  • Inflatables Repair & Cleaning
  • Custom Tables, Bars, Stools, and Chairs
  • Seabob Stands
  • Seabob Hooks
  • Custom Lifting Chain
  • Lifting Harness
  • Console Navigation and Stereo Installation

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