Inflatable Yacht Slides


Our top-tier inflatable yacht slides have become a must-have for both private and charter yachts worldwide! Since our launch in 2009, these high-quality slides have been embraced by countless personal and commercial yacht owners.

Bana slides are exceptionally robust, crafted with the crew’s convenience in mind. They are constructed from lightweight materials for swift and easy installation and removal. Each yacht slide is equipped with non-slip surfaces, grip handles, a sprinkler system, and a removable entry cover sheet for added safety and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates a built-in sprinkler system with a U.S. hose connection.
  • Utilizes hot air-welded construction for durability.
  • Offers multiple anchoring and lifting points for secure setup.
  • Features non-slip surfaces and grip handles for added safety.
  • Includes removable cover netting and side windows.
  • Customizable to fit yachts and superyachts of all sizes.
  • An optional base for extra height is available for purchase separately.

Specifications for the Inflatable Yacht Slides

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