Aqua Flight Shows

Are you prepared to elevate your event to the next level? Look no further because Aqua Flight is here to deliver the most exhilarating hydroflight shows you’ve ever witnessed! They guarantee excitement like never before. As the premier provider of awe-inspiring performances, Aqua Flight stands tall among its peers, offering an unmatched level of excellence in the industry.

Soar Above the Rest


When it comes to hydroflight shows, Aqua Flight reigns supreme. Our team of highly skilled and certified flyers will defy gravity, captivating your audience with breathtaking acrobatics and jaw-dropping stunts. Like a maestro conducting a symphony, we orchestrate a seamless fusion of water, air, and adrenaline, transforming your event into an unforgettable experience. It’s like an unattainable dream manifesting into reality!

* Unleashing Aquatic Marvels: Aqua Flight's Unmatched Performances

Aqua Flight goes the extra mile in crafting unforgettable moments. From music festivals, concerts, hotel openings, birthday celebrations, city events, wedding parties, or even gender reveals, we’ve got you covered. Make a splash at your next event by booking our hydroflight professionals, who will have all eyes on them and leave everyone speechless.

Hang tight because there’s even more! Aqua Flight goes beyond imagination with their showmanship. Envision our hydroflight riders gliding high above the water’s surface, displaying their impressive skills and defying physics with every move. Like dolphins, they swim with poise, spinning, flipping and dancing mid-air. It’s akin to observing sorcery in action! And there’s more! Our skilled fire spinners can elevate your show with mesmerizing pyrotechnics. The atmosphere they construct will astound your guests. Want to impress your guests with a touch of luxury? We’ll even pour champagne for your esteemed attendees!

We prioritize safety above all else at Aqua Flight. Certified and insured flyers ensure you and your guests have a worry-free experience with us. You can rest easy and savor the performance, confident that capable professionals who prioritize safety oversee everything.

And the best part? Aqua Flight’s captivating performances are not restricted to just one venue. We take our awe-inspiring hydroflight performances worldwide, fueled by our passion. From scenic coasts to unique locations, Aqua Flight brings its unmatched proficiency and mesmerizing shows to any waterbody all over the world. Whether your event is in a tropical paradise, bustling metropolis, or picturesque coastal venue doesn’t matter. Experience the unforgettable with Aqua Flight.

Why not expand beyond just hydroflight shows? Make your event truly unforgettable with Aqua Flight’s range of additional options. Picture the thrill and breathtaking magnificence of pyrotechnics, or the enchanting fascination of a laser light manipulation performance. Our fantastic film team can capture the magic from above using drone footage.

So, why be satisfied with the usual when you can experience the exceptional? Aqua Flight can turn your aspirations into reality. Take the first step towards an unforgettable experience by contacting us today and soaring high with your event. This unique experience will have your guests talking for years; that’s our guarantee.

Conclusively, Aqua Flight is the ultimate symbol of superiority in the hydroflight industry. With our commitment to safety, unparalleled expertise and enchanting performances, we guarantee a successful outcome for your event. Elevate your gathering beyond the usual and dive into new aquatic dimensions. Contact Aqua Flight immediately and be prepared for an experience that will astonish you and your visitors for years ahead.

Check out some Flyboard show add-ons, and action shots!


Our basic flyboard show is 10 to 30 minutes of non stop action! Riders perform breathtaking acrobatics at a height of more than 50 feet over water. We usually develop an individual scenario based on the subject of a particular event or some personal preferences, but also have some time-proven options, like for example: Spinning Pyro, Flame throwers, and Fireworks.