Mythical Unicorn


Experience the enchantment of the AquaBanas Zoo’s Mythical Unicorn, a crowd-pleasing commercial inflatable that delights all! This high-quality inflatable is expertly crafted for towing customers across diverse waterfronts. Constructed with reinforced PVC and 20cm drop-stitch material, the Mythical Unicorn ensures a superb return on investment, delivering years of reliable service to rental operators worldwide!

Key Features:

  • Bana Grip non-slip surface inside
  • Main body crafted from 0.9mm reinforced PVC material
  • Drop stitch floor and seating for exceptional stability
  • Hot air welded construction for best-in-class durability
  • Floating Quick Step facilitates easy boarding from the water
  • Anchoring and mooring points underneath
  • Towable by PWC or small boat

Specifications for Mythical Unicorn

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