LIFT Front Wing



The Lift 100 Surf Series V2 Front Wing is renowned as one of the fastest Lift front wings, ideal for tackling waves with faces of up to 10 feet. Its exceptional performance is particularly notable in calm water conditions, offering an abundance of speed for proficient foilers.

For eFoil enthusiasts seeking high-speed rides and aggressive maneuvers, the 100 Surf Series V2 is the wing of choice.

Included with the 100 Surf Series V2 is our top-tier wing bag, ensuring protection and effortless transportation. Please note that back wings are available for purchase separately.

Recommended for: Dedicated foilers seeking speed and the ability to execute aggressive turns.


– Aspect Ratio: 6.3
– Surface Area: 100 square inches / 645 square centimeters
– Wingspan: 25 inches