FlyDive X-Board

Flydive board


The Flydive X-Board combines form and function at a price point that makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of hydroflight. The X-Board features expert design and quality construction using Marine Grade components for years of trouble free service. It’s independent feet and DRS Tech make it easy to learn and above all fun to fly!

flydive in action


Flyboard Kit Box dimensions: 24X32X17
Weight: 90 lbs
Hose length: 60ft
Minimum jetski power required: 100hp 4 stroke
Minimum jetski power recommended: 150hp 4 stroke
Height reach with 130hp: 5-10 feet
Height reach with 150hp: 10-15 feet
Height reach with 180hp: 15-20 feet
Height reach with 215hp: 20-30 feet
Height reach with 255hp: 35-40 feet and above

What’s in the box?

Board with 4 floating/protecting pods – 1 unit
CWB Boots (similar to wakeboard boots) – 1 unit
pendular nozzle system – 1 unit
360° swivel hose quick connection – 2 units
Zapata Racing branded caps for hand nozzle outlets – 2 units
60 feet Water hose (provides water from the Jet-ski to the FlyBoard) – 1 unit
U-Pipe (reverses the Jet ski water outlet) – 1 unit
Universal plate for coupling the u-pipe to the jetski pump – 1 unit
Strap system and shackle to attach the hose to the nose of the jetski – 1 unit
Hose clamps to secure the hose. – 1 unit
bag of nuts, bolts and screws for Flyboard assembly. – 1 unit
Instructions manual – 1 unit