2024 Yamaha WaveRunners VX Cruiser® HO with Audio Base


Explore the Wave with VX Cruiser HO – Your Personal Rhythm

Immerse yourself in the ultimate water adventure with the VX Cruiser HO, now offering an optional factory-installed audio system that seamlessly integrates into its sleek design.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Integrated VX® Audio System

    • Experience top-notch sound with twin 4½ inch waterproof marine speakers, a 2-channel (50 watts per channel) amplifier, user-friendly control pad, and built-in low-voltage regulator for battery protection.
  2. Bow Storage

    • Convenient storage space for towels and other essentials, ensuring you have everything you need for a perfect day on the water.
  3. Connext LCD Display

    • Take control of your ride with the Connext LCD Display, offering Drive Control customization, vital display functions, and a security mode to safeguard against unauthorized use.
  4. Reboarding Step

    • Effortlessly reboard after a swim with the retractable reboarding step that neatly tucks away when not in use.
  5. RIDE® Throttle Control System

    • Simplify your experience with the RIDE® Throttle Control System, allowing seamless transitions from forward to neutral to reverse with a single pull of the throttle. Enjoy easier deceleration, reversing, and docking.
  6. All-New 1.9L High Output Yamaha Marine Engine

    • Unleash the power of the four-stroke, four-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha marine engine, delivering quicker and smoother acceleration for an exhilarating ride and a higher top speed.

Embark on a journey tailored to your own beat with the VX Cruiser HO – where innovation meets performance on the waves.

2024 Yamaha WaveRunners VX Cruiser® HO with Audio Base in action

Key Specifications

Year 2024
Manufacturer Yamaha WaveRunners

Model Name VX Cruiser® HO with Audio

Trim Name Base
Generic Type (Primary) 3-Passenger

Engine Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.9 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine

Displacement 1898cc

Fuel Type Regular Unleaded

Additional Specifications

Engine Excellence

Powerful Performance

Unleash the dynamic prowess of our watercraft featuring a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.9 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engine. With a commanding displacement of 1898cc, this machine runs on reliable Regular Unleaded fuel.

Sleek Dimensions

Sleek Dimensions for Easy Handling

Length: 132.7"
Width: 48.8"
Height: 47.2"

Capacious Marvel

Capacious Marvel

Enjoy the freedom of the waters with a seating capacity for 1-3 persons. The craft offers ample storage with a generous 30.1-gallon capacity, complemented by a fuel tank that holds 18.5 gallons.

Efficient and Lightweight Design

Featherweight Dynamo

Weighing in at a dry weight of 780 lbs, our watercraft ensures a nimble and responsive ride.

Stylish Design

Vibrant Colors

Choose from the captivating Azure Blue with White or the timeless White with Black to make a statement on the water.

Advanced Pump Technology

Advanced Pump Technology

Elevate your experience with the 155mm High-pressure pump type, ensuring a thrilling ride every time.

Visual Showcase