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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get

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Yes, Aqua Flight has professionally certified instructors that are licensed captains as well that have many hours of instruction under their belts before they are allowed to instruct the general public. Instructors are in complete control of the flyer’s power to ensure your safety at all times. Before even getting into the water, we take our customers through a 10-minute training and fit them for a helmet and life jacket as well.

How long does it take to learn?

The average person takes 3-6 minutes to learn the basics. If you have experience in wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any sports that require balance, you have a good chance of getting it in under 2 minutes! Right on Fort Lauderdale beach. Best things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

Is there a Weight Limit?

We can fly people up to 380 lbs! We do recommend you have a shoe size bigger than 5 (In Men Size) and weigh over 75 lbs. Come to Fort Lauderdale beach.

Who controls the flyboard?

The Flyboard itself is controlled by the rider alone. However, the amount of power supplied to the Flyboard is controlled by the Instructor on the Jet ski, which will dictate how high you can fly. We usually start everyone nice and low flying around 3-5 ft over the water, and increase the amount of power as the rider improves throughout the lesson, allowing them to fly as high as even 20ft sometimes!

I've seen people doing backflips in videos, can I try that too?

Yes, and no. Although we won’t allow backflip attempts on your first lesson, we offer private training, where our instructors will teach you how to fly higher and faster, building your confidence and skills to attempt higher level maneuvers.

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