POP 3 Floating Pool (3-Piece)


Introducing the POP 3, a revolutionary inflatable pool designed for ultimate convenience. Its innovative design divides the pool into three manageable parts, ensuring easy assembly, storage in separate locations, and hassle-free handling.

Moreover, the POP 3 serves as a versatile foundation for AquaBanas Systems, providing exceptional support for decks used in various waterfront applications like floating bars and restaurants. When you order the POP 3 Floating Pool, it comes in five parts on a single pallet, including Poolside A, Poolside B, Removable Netting, Bravo 2000 Pump, and Hose Kit.

Key Features:

  • BanaGrip non-slip surface
  • Crafted in three pieces for effortless handling
  • Utilizes drop-stitch construction for shape retention and stability
  • Hot air welding for top-notch durability, as opposed to gluing
  • Low-profile Quick Step for easy water access
  • Features anchoring and mooring points underneath
  • Standardized connections for unlimited modularity and customization
  • Removable jellyfish netting with netted bags (sea weights for bags not included)
  • Tailored for yachts and resorts

Experience the ultimate in convenience and versatility with the POP 3 Floating Pool.

Specifications for the POP 3 Floating Pool (3-Piece)

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