Electric Surfboard Charter

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The perfect toy for your yacht day! The electric surfboard is hands down our favourite toy. With 24 mph under you while surfing the flat crystal blue waters, nothing beats it! The most advanced surfboard of it’s kind! No waves needed with this technology. Remote powered and ready to jet in any depth of water! Perfect for ages 10 and up. 

Rent an Electric Surfboard!

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Logistics to/from the yacht

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Once you’ve booked the Electric Surfboard for your charter, we will contact you to make sure all your requirements are met and set up a delivery time. At the same time we’ll ask you to dedicate a crew member onboard to be responsible for water toys.

Prior to delivery on-board the dedicated crew member will receive a delivery note with all Electric Surfboard rental items, surfboard parts and accessories listed and get an access to a Knowledge base including Tips & tricks, Operation manuals, safety briefs and How-tos.

We can arrange an instructor if needed as well.

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