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Experience new dimensions as Seabreacher Florida xpert pilots take you on the adrenaline pumping ride of your life! By far the things to do in fort lauderdale.

The Seabreacher or also known as Dolphin Boat or Shark Boat is the most advanced submersible watercraft to come to Miami. Powered by a 260 hp supercharged engine enables the vessel to reach a top speed of up to 55mph on the surface and 25 mph below. When you breach the water’s surface during these high speed dives you can launch the entire 18 feet (6 meter) length of the craft out of the water.

The Seabreacher combines hydrodynamics of marine mammals , and extreme power boating to deliver a machine that visually appears like a shark, moves like an exotic sports car, and feels like maneuvering in a fighter jet aircraft.

Looking through the F-16 fighter-grade glass you will see the sky disappear as your drivers descends into a dive only to then breach the surface and launch the entire vessel in the air. Tight turns and top speeds all at a low centre of gravity and this trip will certainly gets your heart pumping.

Sit back in our state of the art cockpit and get ready to feel the g-forces as our expert drivers give you an experience you will not forget.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of the ride as a passenger, or do the pilot training. We will take you on an adrenaline packed tour

 Watersports Fort Lauderdale is best known by Aqua Flight.

Experience the Adventure!

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