Party Bana™


AquaBanas are eye-catching additions to any waterfront. They feature easy step access and a non-slip surface, ensuring people of all ages can comfortably board and navigate them. These versatile Banas can operate in water as shallow as 36 inches and provide excellent shade when paired with our BT-120 Bana Tent.

Our Bana Tents offer superb shade along with a sturdy table for your food and drinks. The compact Party Bana conveniently folds down and weighs just 181 pounds. This foundational Bana ships in 5 boxes on a single pallet, including the Bana Deck, BT-120 Bana Tent, Bravo 2000 (shipped as 120v by default, but 230v available upon request), Hose Kit, and Hand Pump for your convenience.

Elevate your parties to legendary status with Aqua Banas’s Party Bana! Dive into a world of endless fun and excitement with this ultimate water entertainment platform. Don’t miss out on the chance to turn every gathering into an unforgettable aquatic adventure. Get your Party Bana now and be the life of the party!

Key Features:

  • BanaGrip technology ensures a secure, non-slip surface.
  • Unrivaled stability thanks to strategically placed ballast bags.
  • Maintains its shape and stability through drop-stitch construction.
  • Superior durability with hot air-welded seams, not glued.
  • Easy water entry via the quick step.
  • Includes a new, removable solid tabletop and footwells.
  • Netted footwells provide separation between wildlife and guests and safeguard against item loss.
  • Convenient cooler cutout for refreshments.
  • Beneath the surface, find anchoring and mooring points.
  • Enjoy unlimited modularity and customization with standardized connections.


Indulge in pure delight with the exhilarating world of Party Banas




Weight: 181 lbs (82 kgs)

Stored: 46" x 30" x 18" (115 cm x 75 cm x 44 cm)



Weight: 79 lbs (36 kgs)

Stored: 30" x 22" x 15" (76 cm x 55 cm x 39 cm)

Full System

Full System

Inflated: 132" x 132" x 89" (340 cm x 340 cm x 227 cm)

The Pinnacle of Aquatic Entertainment Experiences

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