Awake Flex Hand Controller


Introducing the Awake Flex Hand Controller, a wireless marvel that governs your board’s speed. Compatible with any Flex BP and rechargeable via the Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger.

Our controller boasts an ergonomic design with a secure grip and offers three rider modes: Eco, Sport, and Extreme, allowing you to customize sensitivity and max speed.

Additional Features:

QR Code Pairing: Effortlessly link your Awake Flex controller to any battery. Use Awake’s smartphone app to select your desired battery, navigate to “Pair HC” in the main menu, and scan the QR code displayed on the controller screen.

Vibration Alerts: Stay informed with controller vibrations upon shutdown, settings changes, and when your battery drops below 25%, ensuring you always return safely to shore.

Riding Data: Access essential information like consumption and G-force on your hand controller screen, aiding your skill progression. Elevate your ride with Awake!

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