Kiddie Bana™


Introducing the Kiddie Bana™, the latest addition to the AquaBanas family! This inflatable is specially designed with children in mind and seamlessly connects to any AquaBanas module. It provides a comfortable seating area for up to four adults, allowing them to relax while keeping a close eye on their little ones as they play in just 50cm/20″ of water. Additionally, this versatile module easily connects to other AquaBanas components, expanding your recreational space on the water. You can enhance your experience by adding a tent to create a shaded oasis where you can enjoy your favorite beverages while staying cool.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Functionality

  1. Bana Grip Technology: Our cutting-edge non-slip surface ensures a secure and stable footing.
  2. Precision Drop Stitch Construction: Maintains the shape of your equipment and provides unwavering stability.
  3. Hot Air Welded Durability: We employ the industry’s best hot air welded construction, guaranteeing top-tier durability.
  4. Wildlife and Item Protection: A netted middle section not only separates wildlife and guests but also safeguards against item loss.
  5. Seamless Compatibility: Easily accommodates our BT120 Bana Tent for a seamless outdoor experience.
  6. Anchoring and Mooring Versatility: Multiple anchoring and mooring points underneath for adaptable placement.
  7. Modular Customization: Our standardized connections offer limitless options for customization.

Additional Details

  • Capacity: Ideal for up to 4 adults and 2-3 children, making it perfect for family outings.

Elevate your family’s water adventures with the Kiddie Bana from AquaBana! Watch your kids’ faces light up as they enjoy endless fun and safety on the water. Don’t miss out!

Indulge in pure delight with the exhilarating world of kiddie Banas

Specifications for the KIDDIE Banas


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