BatterySafe™ - 40568 - F Series

Internal Dimensions: 21.65 X 13.78 X 8.66

External Dimensions: 22.95 X 15.28 X 9.72

Clearance Dimensions: 20.63 X 12.76

Volume: 2584.0 IN3

Weight: 10.5 lb


Fortifying Your Batteries: The Premier Guard for Protection

Introducing Zarges BatterySafeTM cases, engineered with premium flame-resistant insulation for safeguarding and transporting* Lithium-Ion batteries. Compliant with rigorous US military MIL-STD-810 standards and globally acknowledged as United Nations Packaging Group-1, ensuring top-tier protection for hazardous materials.

ZARGES K470: Elevate Your Shipping and Storage Experience with Aluminum Cases

K470- The Original Since 1950

The ZARGES K470 universal case stands as an enduring icon since its debut in 1950, celebrated for its inventive design, lasting durability, and role as the cornerstone for our diverse case range. It encapsulates ZARGES’ logistics expertise and unwavering quality.

While its design has subtly evolved over nearly 80 years to stay aligned with the latest technologies, the K470 retains features such as a stainless steel-hinged lid, snap fasteners, polyurethane seal, aluminum stacking corners, welded aluminum profile frames, riveted joints, and ergonomic comfort handles for glove-friendly use.

Capitalizing on aluminum’s advantages, our cases offer up to 50% greater efficiency than rivals. Thinner walls yield more cargo space, lighter construction curbs logistics costs. ZARGES aluminum cases outperform chipboard or plastic counterparts, maximizing space utilization.

Standard IP 54 protection, optional IP 65, and UN Certification for Hazardous Goods transport ensure top-tier security. K470 cases are airline-approved for cargo and, in select sizes, as carry-ons. Certain sizes are IGBC-certified Grizzly Bear Resistant. With 26 standard sizes and tailored options, Zarges offers versatility.

Regarding lithium fires, Zarges doesn’t guarantee universal containment and disclaims liability for resulting property damage or personal injury.

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