LIFT Front Wing



For those seeking peak efficiency and exceptional speed and maneuverability in their wing, Lift offers the High Aspect lineup, known for impressing foil riders in various disciplines like surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, and eFoiling. While the High Aspect Series front wings excel in performance, we recommend beginners to start with the Surf Series front wing lineup.

The 90 High Aspect Front Wing may be compact, but its efficiency is remarkable. Its ample wingspan allows for agile turns and maneuvers on the waves while maintaining full control. What sets this wing apart is its higher aspect ratio and compact size, enabling you to breach the water’s surface and regain control swiftly. This translates to more aggressive carving with the wing tips above the water and exciting moments of airtime with your surf gear.

For those looking to extend their glide and carry while maintaining high speed, our 120 High Aspect Front Wing is worth considering.

The 90 High Aspect comes with a premium wing bag for protection and convenient transportation. Please note that back wings are available separately.


– Aspect Ratio: 11.0
– Surface Area: 90 in² / 581 cm²
– Wingspan: 31.5″