PWC Bana™


Our PWC Bana is the ideal solution for sheltering and protecting your PWCs from the sun when they’re not in use. It’s designed to hold two PWCs and one person simultaneously, providing exceptional stability with our ballast bags and an anchor mounting ring.

The PWC Bana easily connects to any of our AquaBanas or a Bana Tent, adding extra shade options. Its non-slip surface enhances safety, preventing slips as guests access and exit the Bana. These products are available in a variety of colors to suit different themes and specific requirements.

Key Features

  1. BanaGrip Non-Slip Surface: Ensures a secure footing.
  2. Ballast Bags for Unparalleled Stability: Provides exceptional balance.
  3. Drop Stitch Construction: Maintains shape and stability.
  4. Hot Air Welded Construction: Offers top-notch durability compared to glued alternatives.
  5. Anchoring and Mooring Points Below: Convenient for securing your equipment.
  6. Standardized Connections: Enables limitless customization and modularity.

Experience ultimate water adventure with PWC Bana™ from AquaBana. Unleash unrivaled power and stability. Elevate your aquatic escapades today. Buy the Bana™ and embark on your watercraft journey like never before!

Specifications for the PWC Bana™

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