LIFT Front Wing



Introducing the Camber Pro: the latest addition to our wing lineup. These wings are engineered for a higher-speed experience on the water, providing a quick and lightweight performance. They offer a smooth ride through turns with just the right amount of lift, giving you a sense of speed and agility while maintaining control.

The 270 Camber Pro is the largest wing in the Camber Pro series, designed to deliver a gentle and surfy ride at reduced speeds, perfect for those who relish flowing turns. Its ample surface area ensures stability while riding. Thanks to reduced camber, this wing never feels overwhelming, making it ideal for riders who prefer a conservative and mellow experience.

The 270 Camber Pro is recommended for eFoils with lengths of 4’9 and 5’4.


– Aspect Ratio: 4.5
– Surface Area: 270 in2 / 1742 cm2
– Wingspan: 35” / 89 cm