Command Bana™


Experience the versatility of Command Bana™, a comfortable floating platform designed for groups of 4-6 individuals. Crafted with precision using drop stitch construction and equipped with two stabilizing ballast bags, this platform ensures stability on the water. It features a series of D-Rings on the top and bottom, enabling secure connections with other AquaBana products.

The two seats on Command Bana™ are strategically positioned at a 45-degree angle, providing occupants with a commanding view of their surroundings and a refreshing spot to relax in the water. Easy access to the platform is granted via the quick step access located on the inside.

For an enhanced experience, you can expand your setup by adding another Bana deck, a lounger, or a Bana Tent. All AquaBanas are designed to seamlessly connect with tents, making it a breeze to create shaded areas if needed.

Key Features

  1. BanaGrip™ Non-Slip Surface: Experience superior grip and stability with our patented BanaGrip™ technology.

  2. Unrivaled Stability with Ballast Bags: Stay steady on the water thanks to ballast bags that provide exceptional stability.

  3. Durable Drop Stitch Construction: Our item’s shape and stability are maintained by precision drop stitch construction.

  4. Hot Air Welded Construction: Unlike traditional glue, we use hot air welding for unmatched durability and longevity.

  5. Easy Water Boarding with Quick Step: Get on and off with ease using our quick step feature, making it a breeze to board from the water.

  6. Cooler Cut-Out: Keep your refreshments at hand with the built-in cooler cut-out.

  7. Anchoring and Mooring Points: Secure your gear with convenient anchoring and mooring points located underneath.

  8. Standardized Connections for Customization: Enjoy limitless modularity and customization options with our standardized connections.

Elevate your water adventures with Command Bana™ from AquaBana! Experience unmatched stability, non-slip security, and limitless customization. Don’t miss out on the ultimate water companion. Upgrade your fun today!

Specifications for the Command Bana™

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