4'2" Pro $0.00 4'9" Sport $0.00 5'4" Cruiser $0.00
160 Camber Pro $0.00 210 Camber Pro $0.00 270 Camber Pro $0.00 100 Surf v2 $0.00 120 High Aspect $0.00 150 Surf v2 $0.00 200 High Aspect $0.00 200 Surf v2 $0.00 250 Surf v2 $0.00
38 Surf $0.00 48 Surf $0.00 32 Glide $0.00 36 Glide $0.00 46 Glide $0.00
28" $0.00 32" $0.00
US $0.00 Australia $0.00 Euro $0.00 Italy $0.00 UK-HK $0.00 Switzerland $0.00 South Africa $0.00 Japan $0.00
US $0.00 Australia $0.00 South Africa $0.00 Switzerland $0.00 Japan $0.00 UK-HK $0.00 Euro $0.00 Italy $0.00

Discover the perfect eFoil for beginners: the 4’9 New LIFT3 F. This eFoil is designed for smooth and easy riding, making it an excellent choice for those new to eFoiling. With its ultra-stable design, you can gradually improve your skills and unlock the full potential of the board over time.

The New LIFT3 F eFoil is available in two eye-catching colors: Iceberg Blue and Sunset Peach, adding style to your rides. Its machined aluminum mast ensures durability and stability, making it ideal for newer riders. This design contrasts with the elastic and responsive carbon fiber mast found on the LIFT3 model.

Furthermore, the New LIFT3 F features the Lift FRP propeller and shroud with a new tapered hub design, allowing for longer and smoother flights. For easy transport, opt for the 4’9 New LIFT3 F with the Light Battery.

Choose from two wing combos:

  1. 200 Surf V2 for a faster and more lively ride.
  2. 250 Surf V2 for extra stability and low-speed riding, suitable for larger riders and newcomers to foiling.

Experience the joy of eFoiling and share it with friends and family on the versatile and user-friendly New LIFT3 F eFoil.

Included in box:

Fiberglass board
Precision Machined Aluminum mast
Carbon fiber front & back wings
FRP Propeller
Hand controller
Fast Battery charger
eFoil battery (whichever you choose at checkout)
eFoil, mast, and wing bags for safe transport of all included items
Hardware kit

Supplementary Accessories by LIFT

Discover the exciting world of the LIFT3F EFOIL

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