POP 2 Floating Pool (2-Piece)


Introducing the POP 2 Pool, a versatile addition for yacht owners looking to extend their pool area. It seamlessly connects to any Push Off Bana deck, allowing you to create a unique pool experience on the water. The frame is thoughtfully designed with integrated jellyfish netting and optional weighted bags. Installing the netting is a breeze thanks to our Gator Mouth Velcro attachments. The POP 2 also boasts four standardized connection points, making it easy to attach other AquaBanas products (Push Off Bana & Floating Quick Step available separately).

Key Features:

  1. BanaGrip non-slip surface for safety
  2. Removable jellyfish netting with netted bags (sea weights for bags not included)
  3. Specifically designed for compatibility with the Push Off Bana Deck
  4. Utilizes drop stitch construction for stability and shape retention
  5. Hot air welded construction for superior durability compared to glued alternatives
  6. Anchoring and mooring points underneath for added security
  7. Four standardized connections for limitless modularity and customization options
  8. Floating Quick Step available separately for enhanced functionality.

Specifications for the POP 2 Floating Pool (2-Piece)

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