Maximize your aquatic experience with our PWC BOB Banas! These floating decks cater to adults and can seamlessly connect to other Banas or be positioned directly on the water’s surface, ensuring swift access to all-day waterborne entertainment.

The PWC BOB Bana simplifies the storage and deployment of your personal watercraft, guaranteeing you’re always prepared for spontaneous adventures. For added convenience, consider incorporating the Bravo 2000 pump to streamline the setup process (available for purchase separately).

Key Features of Our Product:

  1. BanaGrip Non-Slip Surface: Enjoy a secure grip with our patented BanaGrip technology, preventing slips and falls.

  2. Unrivaled Stability with Ballast Bags: Our product is equipped with ballast bags, ensuring unmatched stability on the water.

  3. Quick Step Boarding: Easily get on board from the water with our convenient quick step feature.

  4. Drop Stitch Construction: We utilize drop stitch construction to maintain the shape of the item and provide exceptional stability.

  5. Hot Air Welded Construction: Unlike glued alternatives, our product features hot air welded construction for best-in-class durability.

  6. Anchoring and Mooring Points: Secure your item with ease using anchoring and mooring points conveniently located underneath.

  7. Standardized Connections: Our standardized connections allow for unlimited modularity and customization, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.

Elevate your water adventures with the PWC Bob Bana™ from Aquabana. Unrivaled stability, durability, and customization await. Don’t miss out on the ultimate aquatic experience – invest in Bana™ now!

Specifications for the PWC bob Bana™

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