LIFT Front Wing



Experience the pinnacle of wing efficiency with Lift’s High Aspect Series front wings. These wings offer unrivaled speed and maneuverability, making them the top choice for foil riders in various disciplines, including surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, and eFoiling. While the High Aspect wings are perfect for seasoned riders, those new to foiling should consider starting with Lift’s Surf Series front wings for a smoother learning curve.

The 120 High Aspect Front Wing is a specialized option designed for thrill-seekers who want to push their limits, whether it’s surfing or sailing. Notably, this wing is constructed with premium carbon fiber for exceptional rigidity in a compact size. If you’re a novice foiler, it’s recommended to work your way up to this wing as it may take some time to master. However, once you’ve had a few sessions, you’ll unlock the full potential of this incredible ride.

To ensure the safety and convenience of your equipment, the 120 High Aspect wing comes with our premium wing bag. Please note that back wings are available separately.


– Aspect Ratio: 10.2
– Surface Area: 120 in2 / 775 cm2
– Wingspan: 35″