2024 Yamaha WaveRunners SuperJet® Base


Introducing the SuperJet: a wave of innovation and challenge in the world of stand-up riding. Formerly exclusive to the racing circuit, the SuperJet now beckons a new era of enthusiasts seeking the ultimate thrill.

Key features include:

    1. Adjustable Handle Pole: Customize your experience with a three-position handlepole extending up to 50mm.

    2. Jet Pump Nozzle: Experience enhanced stability without sacrificing agility, thanks to adjustable steering nozzle angles ranging from 16 to 19 degrees.

    3. Class-Leading Yamaha TR-1® Engine: Renowned for reliability and fuel efficiency, Yamaha’s TR-1® engine delivers robust power for an unparalleled ride.

    4. Large Fuel Tank with Meter: Enjoy ample range with a 5.0-gallon fuel tank, complemented by a Low Fuel meter and L-MODE for beginners.

    5. Ultra-Light Hull: Weighing 142 pounds less and 8.8 inches shorter than competitors, the SuperJet offers unmatched agility and performance.

    6. Reboarding Handle with Padded Foot Tray: Enhanced comfort and easier reboarding from the water ensure a seamless riding experience.
    Join the wave, embrace the challenge, and elevate your ride with the SuperJet.

2024 Yamaha WaveRunners SuperJet® Base action

Key Specifications

Year 2024

Manufacturer Yamaha WaveRunners 

Model Name SuperJet®

Trim Name Base

Generic Type (Primary) 1-Passenger, Stand Up

Engine Type 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine

Displacement 1049CC

Fuel Type  Regular Unleaded

Additional Specifications

Powerful Marine Propulsion

Powerful Marine Propulsion

This watercraft features a powerful engine designed by Yamaha Marine, incorporating a 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 configuration with a displacement of 1049CC. Its efficient performance is optimized to run smoothly on regular unleaded fuel, ensuring reliable operation on the water.

Sleek Dimensions

Sleek Dimensions for Easy Handling

Length: 95.7"
Width: 30"
Height: 31.1"

Capacious Marvel

Capacious Marvel

This watercraft boasts a generous 5-gallon fuel capacity and comfortable seating for one person, making it ideal for extended adventures on the water. Designed to deliver a blend of performance and practicality, it promises enduring enjoyment for solo excursions.

Efficient and Lightweight Design

Featherweight Dynamo

With a dry weight of 375 lbs, this watercraft achieves an optimal balance, guaranteeing agile handling and an exhilarating riding adventure.

Stylish Design

Classic Elegance in White

Elevate your aquatic excursions with the chic white option, infusing a dash of elegance into your water adventures. Enjoy enhanced style and sophistication as you explore the depths with this sleek companion by your side.

Advanced Pump Technology

Advanced Pump Technology

This watercraft boasts a powerful 144mm high-pressure pump, guaranteeing an adrenaline-pumping experience as you navigate the waves. With its formidable propulsion system, riders can expect maximum power and thrilling rides on the water.

Visual Showcase

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