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ALL NEW Seabob F5 SR – Top of The Line Seabob Model, Fastest Available

The Seabob F5 SR is the top of the line Seabob model reaching speeds of 13.7 mph over water, 12.6 mph underwater. A new 7th gear feature takes you into higher levels of performance never before seen in a water sled. Porsche engineering. Added tail fins on the F5 SR improve manoeuvrability. Bigger battery capacity allows operation for one hour & 10 minutes. 2 camera system comes standard, and allows you to record and share your experience via WiFi. The Valuable Chrome Package comes standard, but any custom color can be selected (up to a $820 dollar value, free!).  *2 Year Warranty + Free US Shipping!!


Seabob F SR For sale

Specifications of The Seabob F5 SR:

Seabob fR side view aqua flight
Seabob fR side view aqua flight
Metric Specification
Performance: Up to 4.5 kW / 6.0 hp
Maximum Thrust: Up to 745 N
Speed Over Water: Up to 13.7 mph
Speed Under Water: Up to 12.4 mph
Speed Control: 7 power levels between 0 % and 100 % via piezo buttons
Energy: High-Energy Lithium-Manganese accumulators
Total Capacity: Approximately 1.8 kWh; 48 V; 38 Ah
Operating Time Average: 70 min
Charging Time (Standard Charging): Approximately 8 hours
Charging Time (Quick Charging): Approximately 1.5 hours
Diving Depth: 131 feet
Dimensions (L x W x H): 45.35” x 21.37” x 14.65”
Weight: Approximately 77.16 lbs
Buoyancy in Water: Approximately 20 lbs

If you’re looking for the ultimate aquatic exploring pleasure, just head to the water with your Seabob F5 SR. Experience vast open waters and pure freedom, without boundaries, without limits.

Speed of your Seabob is regulated Via the Controlgrip, providing an enourmous thrust and power to the Seabob.

The Seabob F5 SR’s hydrodynamic shape provides for an amazing degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving are a breeze – all that is required is a shift in your bodyweight.

Seabob F Bicolor Orange

Cayago and the Porsche Engineering team have come together to produce the ultimate water sled. Aqua Flight, an authorized Cayago Dealer, has this Seabob F5 SR for sale.


Features of the Seabob F5 SR

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Higher Power / Performance Raise
The power of jet engine has been increased to 4.5 kW which equals 6 HP. Thrust output has been increased from 680 N to a staggering 745 N. Added 7th gear option.
Improved Maneuverability / Hydrodynamics
he two tail fins on the Seabob F5 SR make for such a strong improvement when driving underwater. These sporty additions further increase manoeuvrability.
Control at Your Fingertips
Controlgrip controls drive, speed, and can shut the motor off instantly.
Dive Deep
Hook up your scuba gear and explore depths as low 100+ feet!
Longer Battery Charge
The Seabob F5 SR has upgraded its battery capacity by 17%, allowing you to use it for 1 hour 10 minutes; visible battery charge display included
Cameras Capture Your Experience
Integrated 2 Cam system comes standard, and allows you to record and share your experience with the Seabob F5 SR.
Valuable Chrome Package Comes Standard
The Chrome Package makes a unique statement. Display and tail in a matt-chrome design; tail ring chromium plated
Quick Information
Cockpit displays vital information such as battery charge, depth and water temperature.
Environmentally Friendly & Economic
Water displacement form of propulsion; no need for fuel.
2 Year Warranty, 24/7 Live support

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Warranty and liability on your Seabob

  1. If the delivered item is defective or lacks warranted characteristics, or if it becomes defective as a result of defects in workmanship or materials within the warranty period, then Seller will, at its option, either provide a replacement or carry out repairs. All other warranty claims are excluded.
  2. Seabob’s warranty period is 2 years from the date of transfer.
  3. The buyer must carefully inspect the delivered item at the time of delivery or immediately after. Apparent defects must be reported to the seller in writing immediately within 1 week of transfer. Defective items must remain in the condition found for inspection by Seller. Violation of the above obligations will void any warranty claim against the seller.
  4. Costs incurred in connection with warranty work for transportation of the purchased object to and from the site shall be borne by the Buyer. The Operation Manual, the general information and the safety information provided are components of the sales contract. Repair work or delivery of a replacement does not extend or renew the warranty period.
  5. If repair work or delivery of a replacement is unsuccessful after a reasonable period of time, then Buyer may claim damages in lieu of performance, or demand a reduction in the purchase price.
  6. Claims for unenforceable damages for breach of contract, voluntary breach of contract, negligent breach of contract and unauthorized acts are excluded, provided they are not due to intent or gross negligence against the seller and against third parties hired by the seller for compliance with contractual obligations and your agent. No liability is assumed for consequential damages.
  7. If Seller has other claims against manufacturing plants or other suppliers than Buyer has against Seller, then Buyer has the right to require Seller to assign such claims, and Buyer has the right only to pursue its contractual rights and legal claims against the seller if the assertion of the assigned claims has failed conclusively.
  8. The seller shall have no warranty obligations if the defect is caused by: natural wear and tear, damage caused by improper handling (including storage), not caused by the seller, its legal representatives or third parties employed by the seller for the performance of its obligations A contract for a special form of use contrary to the normal use of the item being sold, and not approved by Seller on a case-by-case basis, for repairs, maintenance, and upkeep at facilities not authorized by Seller, for Seller to provide support, for installations not approved by the Seller for the use of components, modifying the item sold in a manner not authorized by the seller, breaching the rules and operating manuals related to the operation, maintenance and care of the item sold.

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Seabob 2 Year Warranty


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