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The fastest and easiest way to get your YuJet fixed anywhere in America.

Send us your Yujet for repair or maintenance, or get a certified specialist to carry a repair on board your Yacht. Anytime. Anywhere.

OnBoard Repairs?

Alongside renting and selling Water Toys, Aqua Flight offers various preventive maintenance and support services to Water Toy owners and Yacht charter operators to ensure that your toys are always operational and in excellent condition.

Request Repair OnBoard

Get a Certified specialist technician to carry out the repairs on-board

The fastest and easiest way to get your Seabob, Fliteboard, Jetsurf or any inflatable item fixed anywhere in America.


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Best Price

YuJet Warranty Repair

Your Yujet warranty is active for 24 months from the day of the purchase. Make sure you’ve got an invoice from the supplier and serial number of the Yujet.

Yujet Repair

If your Yujet was damaged or failed and you do not have a valid Warranty, you’ll be charged for the repairs.
After initial diagnostics, you will always be informed about the repair costs.

YuJet Maintenance

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Yujet is ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with a packages to cover the basic or extending maintenance.

Yujet Refurbishment

After a season or two it is time to get that new fresh look again.

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We work with top-tier Shipyards and Owner-Direct Supply.

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