Splash Bana™


The Splash Bana offers an ideal solution for unwinding by the water, featuring a netted swimming area that provides a safe and enjoyable way for guests to take a refreshing dip.

Features of BanaGrip Water Fun Platform:

  1. BanaGrip Non-Slip Surface: Enjoy a secure footing on the BanaGrip platform, ensuring safety during your water adventures.

  2. Ballast Bags for Unrivaled Stability: Experience exceptional stability with integrated ballast bags, guaranteeing a steady and enjoyable time on the water.

  3. Quick Step for Easy Boarding: Effortlessly board from the water thanks to the convenient quick step feature.

  4. Drop Stitch Construction: Our advanced drop stitch construction maintains the platform’s shape and provides unmatched stability for your aquatic activities.

  5. Hot Air Welded Construction: Unlike glued alternatives, our hot air welded construction ensures best-in-class durability, making your BanaGrip platform a long-lasting investment.

  6. Anchoring and Mooring Points: Secure your platform with ease using the anchoring and mooring points conveniently located underneath.

  7. Standardized Connections for Unlimited Customization: Enjoy endless possibilities for customization and modularity with standardized connections, making it easy to expand and enhance your water fun experience.

Additional Information:

This BanaGrip platform is perfect for families with children. It features a netted hole in the middle, measuring 5 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep, providing a safe and exciting space for kids to splash and play.

  • Seating for Up to 8 People: Invite your friends and family, as this platform comfortably seats up to 8 people.

  • Seamless Connection: Connect your BanaGrip platform seamlessly to our other products. Attach it to another BanaGrip for extra deck space or add a BT-120 Tent to stay cool and shaded.

  • Electric Pump Available: For your convenience, we offer a separate electric pump for an even quicker and hassle-free setup.

Experience the ultimate water fun with BanaGrip – where safety, stability, and customization come together for an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Experience the ultimate aquatic adventure with Splash Bana by Aquabana. Elevate your water fun to new heights with top-tier durability, unmatched stability, and endless customization. Dive into the future of water entertainment today!

Indulge in pure delight with the exhilarating world of Splash Banas

Specifications for the SPLASH Banas