PWC Extreme


The PWC Extreme offers a cost-effective onboard storage solution for personal watercraft, SEABOBS®, E-Foils, and sports equipment right on your deck!

This robust product seamlessly connects with our other Banas or can be securely anchored to the seabed, ensuring convenient access and all-day fun for guests of all ages. The PWC Extreme measures 19 feet in length, 11 feet in width, and stands at just 8 inches high. When not in use, it’s a manageable 165 pounds. Consider enhancing your setup with our Bravo 2000 pump for an even more effortless experience (available separately).

Key Features of Our Product:

  1. BanaGrip Non-Slip Surface: Enjoy a secure footing with our specially designed non-slip surface.

  2. Unrivaled Stability with Ballast Bags: Our product comes equipped with ballast bags that provide exceptional stability, ensuring a steady and safe experience.

  3. Drop Stitch Construction: We use drop stitch construction to maintain the item’s shape and provide superior stability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  4. Hot Air Welded Construction: Unlike traditional glued construction, we utilize hot air welding for unparalleled durability, making our product a top choice in terms of longevity.

  5. Anchoring and Mooring Points: Conveniently placed anchoring and mooring points underneath the product allow for versatile use in various settings.

  6. Standardized Connections for Customization: Our standardized connections enable unlimited modularity and customization, so you can tailor the product to your specific needs and preferences.

Experience the thrill of the water like never before with the PWC Extreme Bana™ from AquaBana. Unmatched power, unrivaled performance. Get ready to elevate your water adventures to the extreme. Buy now and seize the waves!

Specifications for the PWC Extreme Bana™

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