Best knowledge to know when coming to rent watersports at Aqua Flight watersports in Fort Lauderdale. All the great toys you can think of! Come tour on the the boat in Fort Lauderdale waterway.

Is it safe?

Yes, Aqua Flight has professionally certified instructors that are licensed captains as well that have many hours of instruction under their belts before they are allowed to instruct the general public. Instructors are in complete control of the flyer’s power to ensure your safety at all times. Before even getting into the water, we take our customers through a 10-minute training and fit them for a helmet and life jacket as well. 

How long does it take to learn?

The average person takes 3-6 minutes to learn the basics. If you have experience in wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, or any sports that require balance, you have a good chance of getting it in under 2 minutes! Right on Fort Lauderdale beach. Best things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

Is there a Weight limit?

We can fly people up to 380 lbs! We do recommend you have a shoe size bigger than 5 (In Men Size) and weigh over 75 lbs. Come to Fort Lauderdale beach.

Who controls the flyboard

The Flyboard itself is controlled by the rider alone. However, the amount of power supplied to the Flyboard is controlled by the Instructor on the Jet ski, which will dictate how high you can fly. We usually start everyone nice and low flying around 3-5 ft over the water, and increase the amount of power as the rider improves throughout the lesson, allowing them to fly as high as even 20ft sometimes!

I've seen people doing backflips in videos, can I try that too?

Yes, and no. Although we won’t allow backflip attempts on your first lesson, we offer private training, where our instructors will teach you how to fly higher and faster,

building your confidence and skills to attempt higher level maneuvers.

Have a question you don't see listed here?

Call us at: 754-300-1964

Aqua F



Ah, Fort Lauderdale beach: Home to probably one of the most breathtaking beaches in the whole of the United States.Bring out your swimsuit, roll out your beach blanket and spend a few hours soaking in the sun or swimming and then - pack up? That doesn’t sound too fun.  The Best Water Activities in Florida. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Florida? Go ahead, close your eyes, and think. It's probably water.Florida is known for some of the best beaches in the United States - maybe even the world. So, when someone planned a trip to Fort Lauderdale, you knew that meant going to the beach.
However, just how much can you do at a beach? Okay, you swam and you tanned? Now? Well, here’s where Aqua Flight comes in…

Who Are We, And Why Should You Book Us?

Aqua Flight is a company based out in Florida that can best be summarized in three words:Thrilling, Fun and Unforgettable.Fort Lauderdale best things to do list isn't just made up of two things, definitely not. AtlanticFlyboard You need basic know how to have a good time here, and that's exactly what we're here to give you.Flyboarding - basically being  Things to do in Fort Lauderdale propelled into the skies while being maneuvered by a jet ski. Flyboarding is new, it's fun, and it's also safe.

What We Need You To Bring?

Bring a dry change of clothes, an ID (children as young as nine are allowed on the flyboard) and a whole lot of enthusiasm, and we'll take care of the rest.Flyboard Fort Lauderdale is a once in a lifetime experience to seek that adrenaline rush that so many people have been craving for so long. Flyboard Fortlauderdale. It’s fun, safe and doesn’t take more than a click on our website to sign you up for one.

Requirements and Safety

We Value Your Safety Over Everything!

Don't worry; it's our motto just as much as it is yours. Aqua Flight has employed some of the most professional and experienced instructors for the job. Honestly, you're the one who controls how far up or low you go. Atlantic Flyboard. The Jet Ski Rental in fort lauderdale is the only thing operated by the instructor, and the speed depends on your confidence.Oh, and it takes nothing to learn it? Takes less then 3 minutes or 5 if you're whimsy and that's all the time separating you from the thrill of a lifetime. Flyboard Miami.

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Additional Information

Quick, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Fort Lauderdale? Don't think, answer! Water.There you have it - water, ocean, beach, and fun! Fort Lauderdale is probably most well-known or harboring the absolute most stunning beach you would find anywhere in the United States.With a beach like this, it’s hard to come across anything that matches it in terms of beauty and capacity. However, you're at the beach and then what? Indeed you need to have something besides swimming and tanning planned?

Aqua Flight - Who and What?

Are you looking for something more than just your typical family activity in Fort Lauderdale? Are you annoyed over having this beautiful ocean in front of you and only being able to swim in it? Something you could have done anywhere?Here's where AquaFlight comes in. We heard you, and we're here to offer thrilling solutions.
Aqua Flight provides more than just your everyday boat, and jet ski in Fort Lauderdale – we offer a memory of a lifetime. Based in Florida, we're here to provide water-related activities like none other, from flyboarding to seabob and sea breaching here's your stop to make this trip better than the last.

Fun Beach Flyboard

Have you ever heard of flyboarding? If not, let’s break it down here. Fly: as in flying, board: as in surfboard. Makes sense? Probably not yet. You're being propelled as high as 20 feet into the sky while being maneuvered by a jet ski around the water.Sounds exciting? Definitely, yes!

That’s Not All…

Aqua Flight isn’t just a flyboarding providing company. If it’s related to fun and water - it’s what we know.If you’re thinking of going on the internet and typing in ‘net jet ski near me' you'll probably come across numerous pages that would get you jet ski, but not much ahead of the scope of that.What you need is something that will make you want to come back to the beach - in fact, something that will make you yearn for the waves.Book us now, and experience flyboarding, seabobing, sea breaching and jet skiing like never before! Miami Flyboard; Flyboard Miami, Atlantic Watersports, AtlanticFlyboard, Flyboard Fort Lauderdale, Breez tiki, StayAfloatpartyboat.

Aqua Flight does the craziest shows for hotel grand openings, music festivals, yacht charters, restaurants and more! Fort Lauderdale is lucky to have the best watersports at Aqua Flight. Come party with Aqua fLIGHT BOATS

Aqua Flight does the craziest shows for hotel grand openings, music festivals, yacht charters, restaurants and more! Fort Lauderdale is lucky to have the best watersports at Aqua Flight. Come party with Aqua fLIGHT BOATS