Extreme watersports, Fort Lauderdale.

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Achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one extreme experience!

Emerge from salty ocean waters, soar like a superhero and dive like a dolphin! Enjoy an exclusive boat ride out into blue ocean waters and soar along Fort Lauderdale beach! Book your ultimate adrenaline pumping Aqua Flight now!

 Learning to Flyboard is a lot easier than you probably think. Most people will be out of the water and flying in the first five minutes, and many within 30 seconds. After only 5 minutes or so, you could easily have the basics down and have good control of your movements over crystal blue waters. Everyone will have a great time as they learn to fly. Your subsequent flights just get better, as you gain your ability to fly. 


. Flyboard ®

. Boat tour out to the Flight Location

. Shoes

. Course with a dedicated personal Instructor

. Wetsuit (Optional), Helmet, Life Jacket


. Swim attire 

. Towel

. Dry Clothes to change into

. A type of I.D. that shows your DOB


You will have the opportunity for our professional photographer to get amazing photos and videos of you while you soar through the sky and splash through the water! Talk to one of our agents today about photo options! We also offer drone packages as well.


To fly you must be at least 8 years of age. Shoe size can range in sizes, we have all different types of boots. Weight cannot exceed 380 pounds.You will be required to wear a helmet and life jacket during the flight. We provide sizes from S to XL. 

Call 754-300-1964 with any questions .

You will NOT be able to fly if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way even if it is from a doctor prescribed drug. You must sign a statement to that effect.

DISCYou will be given instructions on what to do, and probably more importantly, what NOT to do. If you do not follow these instructions and act in a manner that would endanger yourself, our employees or anyone else, the session will end and you will be asked to leave with no refund given. 

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Flyboarding in Fort Lauderdale - Your Summer Check List