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Seabreacher (New and Used)

Create a fully custom-built versions of our different watercraft models of seabreachers. All models are capable of shallow dives and breaching the surface. They also feature tandem style seating for the pilot and passenger, as well as a 230hp supercharged Rotax ACE engine. We also offer an optional 300hp upgrade for increased performance and speed. Our most popular model, the Seabreacher X, has an aggressive shark-style appearance including 3D gills, angular fins, and a vertical shark-style tail fin.  Our Seabreacher Y model resembles the majestic Killer Whale, and features a more rounded nose and pectoral fins. This version includes the Killer Whale themed paint and a functioning blowhole with the push of a button. Our latest model, the Seabreacher Z, is capable of performing high speed 360-degree barrel rolls on the water with the new retractable dorsal fin. The Z model is available in three body styles; Dolphin, Shark, or Killer Whale. All models offered can be additionally customized with a vast array of additional options, and an endless choice of interior and exterior designs.


Call our office for details on how to own a Seabreacher. New and used models available!



3 different models to choose from – Model X (Shark), Model Y (Killer Whale) & Model Z (Dolphin)

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