SL3 Hydrofoil Ebike


Discover Manta5’s innovative approach to water cycling, aimed at replicating the sensation of cycling on water.

The Hydrofoiler SL3 stands apart from traditional water bikes by emphasizing speed, agility, and precise handling for a groundbreaking ride.

Experience the exhilaration of a unique form of water transportation, gliding above waves and currents. Key features include patented deep water hydrofoil launching technology, 10 levels of electric assistance with throttle override, and convenient quick connection parts for effortless transportation and storage. With just under an hour of practice, you’ll master the art of water riding with confidence.

Prepare for a thrilling adventure and explore more than 70% of the Earth’s surface as your cycling playground.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? 

Duration of Ride


Range: Ride up to 40 kilometers (25 miles)

Detailed Specifications

Enhanced chopping and swelling functionalities

Capable of navigating rolling swell and choppy conditions, the SL3 effortlessly cuts through tough waters, surpassing traditional SUPs, kayaks, and many personal watercraft.

Routine upkeep

Effortless upkeep: No high-wear drive components, setting our bicycles apart. Easily cleanable with a simple hose wash after saltwater rides. Minimal maintenance required – just service every 200 hours of riding using common hand tools.

Weight of Components

Chassis: 10.1 kg | 22 lbs
Drive Train: 13.9 kg | 30 lbs
FC2 Rear foil: 5.8 kg | 12.5 lbs
HE2 Carbon rear foil: 2.9 kg | 6 lbs
Hydropack 1000 Battery: 8.6 kg | 19 lbs
Hydropack 600 Battery: 7.1 kg | 15.5 lbs
Tiller and front foil: 1.9 kg | 4 lbs

Fast pace

Speeds vary based on ride conditions, rider weight & ability. The anticipated specifications are as follows:
Top-end speed: 20 kilometers per hour (kph) or 12 miles per hour (mph)
Cruising speed: 11 kph or 7 mph
Minimum speed: 6 kph or 4 mph

Employ Market Resilience

Introducing a new, durable monocoque chassis, a robust drivetrain, and sealed gearboxes specifically tailored for commercial hire operators.

Charge Time for Batteries

Hydropack 1000 Battery: 3hours
Hydropack 600 Battery: 2 hours

Dimensions upon assembly

1.4 m High x 2 m Wide x 2.2 m Long
4.5 ft High, 6.5 ft Wide, 7.2 ft Long


The Hydrofoiler SL3 offers quick-connect parts for easy assembly into 5 sub-assemblies, facilitating transport in a car and hand-carrying to the water.

Specifications of Three Variants Available for Selection


  • Orca White Chassis
  • Light Hydropack 600 Battery
  • ‘Learner’ Fixed Chord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil
  • Suitable for all riders
  • Lightweight battery

SL3 +

  • Orca White Chassis
  • Long range Hydropack 1000 Battery
  • ‘Learner’ Fixed Chord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil
  • Bestseller
  • Long range


  • Sharkskin Chassis
  • Long range Hydropack 1000 Battery
  • Both Fixed Chord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil + ‘Super Lightweight’ High efficiency (HE2)Rear Foil
  • Confident starters to expert
  • Longest range

Introducing the top leading features of the Hydrofoiler SL3

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