Water Toy Sales

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Soar Above the Waves

Experience the Thrill of Flying Over Water with E-Foils!

Efoils revolutionize water sports with an exhilarating blend of surfing and flying. These electric hydrofoils feature a silent, emission-free motor beneath a hydrodynamic wing, lifting riders above the water’s surface. Effortlessly glide, carve, and fly with intuitive controls, making efoils an eco-friendly and thrilling water adventure for enthusiasts of all levels.

We Craft Joy from the Ether!

Seeking the Ultimate Fun Boost? Uncover Your Joy Unleashed!

Dive into luxury with AquaBanas! Our curated collection of bespoke inflatables, meticulously crafted for yachts and upscale boats, transforms every aquatic moment into an extraordinary adventure. Helmed by the visionary Mark Anastasia, AquaBanas pledges to inject a splash of excitement and exclusivity into your maritime escapades. Elevate your waterfront lifestyle with our irresistible range, featuring floating bars, banas, decks, tables, tents, and loungers. 

Ride Waves, Own Bliss

Yamaha: Unleash the Ultimate in Personal Watercraft Excitement!

Unleash the Wave: Yamaha’s Personal Watercraft redefine aquatic thrills! Feel the rush , Luxe extras like integrated speakers and an extra-large watertight glovebox elevate your ride. Dive into the extraordinary – Yamaha, where every wave becomes an adventure!

ZARGES: Your Elemental Guardian

External Shell: Your Ultimate Defense, Stylishly Guarding Against the Elements!

Discover BatterySafe™ cases by ZARGES – the epitome of secure lithium-ion battery handling. Meticulously engineered with aluminum and advanced linings, these cases prevent ignition and contain heat. Beyond safety, enjoy the perks of our K470 cases – secure latches, stacking corners, three welded aluminum frames, and seamless loading. Ideal for defense contractors, vehicle battery development, medical equipment, power tools, electronics, and drones. 

Ride High, Surf Sky's Crest!

Awake: Soar Over Water, Unleash the Thrill, Feel the Freedom!

Awake’s mission: Ignite water adventures for thrill-seeking enthusiasts craving the next challenge. We’re passionate, adventurous, and dedicated to sharing the thrill. Fueled by technology, innovation, and a commitment to a zero-emission future, we redefine expectations. Creating exhilarating, joyful, and safe water experiences is not just a goal—it’s our calling. Join us in pushing the limits and embracing a new era of aquatic excitement.

Immerse in Hydro-Flight Excitement!

Unleash thrill: Dive into hydro-flight innovation with Zapata's Flyboard!

Take your water escapades to new heights with Zapata’s Flyboard! Experience the thrill of defying gravity as you effortlessly soar above waves. Unleash your adventurous spirit and create lasting memories with this premier hydro-flight adventure. Grab your Flyboard today and transform your dreams into reality!


Thrill the Waves with FLYDIVE!

Experience Sky-High Thrills, FLYDIVE X-Board!

Experience hydroflight thrills with the Flydive X-Board! Seamlessly blending form and function, it’s the ideal choice for adrenaline enthusiasts. Crafted with Marine Grade components, its expert design ensures years of trouble-free service. Easy to learn with independent feet and DRS Tech, the X-Board guarantees endless, exhilarating flights at an unbeatable price.

YuJet: Electrifying Jetboard Adventure!

Unleash Electric Watersport Thrills!

Meet the YuJet XT Surfer, a cutting-edge electric jet board proudly made in the USA. Building on the success of the original Yujet Surfer, the XT edition takes durability to new heights without compromising stellar performance. Dive into the thrill of innovation with this top-tier, all-American electric jetboard.

Submerge with CUDAJET Bliss!

Dive into excitement with the revolutionary CUDAJET Underwater Jetpack!

Dive into a realm of unparalleled adventure with CudaJet’s flagship marvel—the World’s First Underwater Jetpack. Elevate water sports to new heights as you experience ultimate freedom and predator-like agility. Soar weightlessly through an underwater wonderland, where every moment feels like an exhilarating dance with the deep blue. Unleash your aquatic dreams!