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Yacht Toy Rentals

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Aqua Flight is the Premier water toy rental provider for yachts, including water trampolines, jetskis, flyboards, SeaBobs, jet surfboards and more in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Soar high above crystal blue waters with our jet-powered flyboards, they’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime

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Set the depth and hold on tight as Seabob transports you under and through the beautiful blue waters! The perfect way to meet sea turtles and tropical fish

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E-Foil Surfboard

An eFoil is a surfboard with an electric propeller just above the wing of the hydrofoil. Lift above the waters, and glide through.

Rent an Electric Surfboard!

Want to own a YuJet?

YuJet Surfer

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The YuJet Surfer is a full electric surfboard, it’s made with full carbon fiber construction throughout and has up to a 40-min ride time @ a top speed of 24MPH !


Introducing every kid’s dream and the 21st century’s version of a mid-life crisis… The YuJet Surfer.  


Be the envy of all your friends with this new fully electric, full carbon fiber, jet-powered surfboard. This board will quite literally put a jet engine beneath your feet. (yep, no kidding)  


Besides for making Roger down the street jealous, you can finally answer the question of what happens when you combine a surfboard with the power of a jetski!