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The cooler that’s conveniently located right in the middle of the lounge spots in this float is probably its best feature, as it can keep your drinks nice and chilled while you read a book you downloaded on your e-reader, or take selfies to show off your yacht day or backyard pool excursion on social media. Of course, if you’re hanging out on the yacht or at home with your roommates, siblings, or SO, this cooler can also act as a make-your-own bar and really upgrade your casual hangouts to a #lit two-four person party.

  • Massive size – Nearly 10 FT long and 7 FT wide!
  • Removable mesh sunshade and 2 mesh foot-baths with premium mesh storage bag
  • Water entry pad
  • Side grab ropes and grommets.
  • 4 cup holders and central cooler
  • Perimeter grab ropes and 8 handles



This FUNBOY float is aesthetically-pleasing. Its features include a removable sun-shade that gives you the option to get your tan on, or relax without worrying about sweating in the sun beams. For the moments when you want to cool down or splash around in the pool, it has two mesh foot baths where you and your besties can dip your toes in the chlorine while simultaneously enjoying any snacks and drinks you brought aboard.

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