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Ron DeSantis refused to, even as spring breakers and others crowd the shores.

At the height of the college break rush, DeSantis on Tuesday said he would not order the beaches closed due to Covid-19, but he did limit parties on beaches to 10 people per group.

DeSantis said it’s “not uniform throughout the state that you’re seeing massive crowds at beaches,” despite reports and images of people packing the sand.

Still, the mayors of Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach, two of the most popular beach destinations in the state, issued orders to close their beaches this past Sunday.

Public beaches in the city of Tampa are also closed, until further notice, city officials said.

Naples announced Wednesday that it would close its beaches until March 30.

Nearly 330 people in Florida have tested positive for COVID-19, the state’s department of health reported Wednesday night. Eight Florida residents have died.

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