Are you looking for a show-stopping spectacle to dazzle your guests and leave them in awe? Are you looking to impress your friends and family with a jaw-dropping exhibition that will be talked about for years to come? Are you looking to make your rivals jealous with a unique experience that will take your event to the next level?

Then look no further because AquaFlight has world-class aquatics shows that will blow the water off any other aquatics’ performance team in Miami, and the US at large. 

Performance Flyboard Packages

AquaFlight will create a custom performance package for your show, competition, or event that is fitted to your needs. 

Flyboard Performances

We have Flyboards that can soar up to 60 ft in the air. Our performers can do dives, flips, dances, and spins on their boards. For a touch more elegance, they can even pour champagne for your guest or fire dance while riding on the jet-propelled board!

Light Shows

AquaFlight’s shows are not just aquatic spectacles, but also include light and sound shows. Laser lights, strobe lights, sound-activated lights—you name it, we’ve got it. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing streams of water and slivers of fog captured by colorful lights and lasers dancing to the music and performers.


What’s better than light shows? That’s right, it’s fireworks. We will bring you spectacular showers of light and sound in new and impressive ways that will blow your mind!

We safely operate our fireworks by fully licensed pyrotechnicians who have trained for years to bring you only the best in fireworks displays. 

Drone Footage

We also offer pictures and video footage of your event taken by drones and our ground-based photographers. Our performers also wear cameras, so you can get a completely immersive view of all aspects of the show.

This footage can be delivered raw or edited into a memorable movie so that you have a memento that you can use to relive the experience again and again whenever you would like!

What Do We Need?

All that is needed for the show is a large body of water, or enough space for us to erect a temporary pool. We also need access to electricity to run our light and sound hardware. Other than that, we bring in our own equipment and assembly crew. 

All you need to worry about is how you are going to top this event next time, because we guarantee an epic performance that is sure to be remembered for years to come. 

Aqua Flight Is a World-Class Performer

We will create a breathtaking experience for you and your guests. This once in a lifetime show will have you all standing in your seats to get the best view of everything we offer. 

Hire an Aquatic Show Today!

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