Airbnb Fort Lauderdale water sports rental

It’s difficult to find things to do when you’re on vacation. There are so many options, from visiting local tourist sites to eating at unique restaurants. But what about fun? If you’re trying to relax and just have some fun in Fort Lauderdale, then come check out what our company offers.

We have everything you could want for a vacation on the water, from paddle boards and kayaks, to seabobs and CudaJets.

You can buy or hire out our equipment for as long as you’d like. Spending a weekend at an Airbnb or hotel does not have to be boring. Explore the still waters around Fort Lauderdale with your own kayak or paddleboard. This link shows some water sport activities you could try with your friends or family.

Fun for the whole family, environmentally friendly, and easy to hire. There is no reason you should not rent a paddleboard or kayak for your next Florida vacation. 


Paddleboards and kayaks are not just yacht toys, you can use them in any body of water that has enough space to maneuver. 

Paddleboards are similar to surfboards in design, except we specifically weighted them for you to stand on them while paddling an oar. They are excellent for navigating stiller waters, making them perfect for exploring beaches and caves that you can only access from the water’s edge. 


Kayaking is great for experiencing nature in solitude, or having fun with friends. It’s also an excellent idea for a date! We offer single and tandem kayaks. 

Because of the size and maneuverability of kayaks, they are a great option to explore the narrow coves and mangroves of Florida where bigger boats cannot venture. 

We Offer Classes 

If you are nervous about trying a kayak or paddleboard for the first time, then come to our Fort Lauderdale location and let our trainers guide you. Our experienced instructors will go out on the water with you to make sure you are safe and able to operate the equipment on your own. 

After that, it’s smooth sailing as you take your paddleboard or kayak back to the Airbnb with you to play another day.

Hire Now!

Hire your paddleboard or kayak for the day, the week, or even a month. There is no limit on how long you can enjoy our boat rentals for. The choice is up to you. 

Book now to see our package deals, availability, and discounts.


Which is Easier: a Kayak or a Paddleboard?

Kayaks are easier to use than paddleboards. This is because kayaks do not require the balance of a standing paddleboard, so they are far easier to operate. Also, because you are sitting in a kayak, it is easier to cover longer distances, and you can carry snacks!

Is It Easy to Stand on a Paddleboard?

Because of the elegant design of the paddleboard, it is far easier to stand on than a surfboard. Most people get the hang of it in under 30 minutes, and we built them for people of all shapes and sizes. If you are worried about falling off, then settle your mind and get a kayak—it’s just as much fun, but much safer. 

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