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Wow! Check out what sets Fliteboard apart from other eFoil products on the market. Fliteboard’s patented eFoil propulsion system has numerous key advantages over other systems.

As we all know, water is a lot denser than air, right? That’s why Fliteboard integrated their motor into their patented unibody design. And, at just 60mm, they have the smallest motor diameter on the market. These two innovations reduce the wetted surface area. Result? An impressive increase in efficiency, resulting in longer runtime, faster speed, further distance and simply more magic.

Fliteboard’s patented unibody design results in the most balanced and responsive electric hydrofoil in the market, which means you can learn more easily, explore further, ride faster, or have the ultimate pitch control on a wave face. And, let’s not forget, the longer effective mast that allows more extreme and powerful turns.

Oh, and don’t forget the amazing wing design! Fliteboard worked with talented Naval Architects with world-leading expertise in hydrofoil design to create the world’s first wings specifically created for an electric hydrofoil. And with Fliteboard’s patented Flitebox system, you get 100 percent reliable and maintenance-free cooling technology.

Can it get any better than this? Fliteboard Hydrodynamics, changing the game for good!

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