Buying or Renting Top Water Toys for Superyachts

So, not for the first time, your charter guests have confirmed their booking last minute and are expecting a selection of superyacht water toys to enjoy during their stay.

Time is short and you need a FunAir Yacht Slide, a Jungle Jim, and a Flyboard immediately or you have a group of very disappointed guests.

Not ideal!

This could mean absolute panic but fortunately, you know that Aqua Flight has the largest range of water-toys for rental in the industry.

You also know that we use our fine-tuned logistics network to get your order to you anywhere in the South Florida OR BAHAMAS  the very next day. And in many cases on the same day!

Crisis averted. The guests are happy sliding, climbing, cycling, and flying and you just might be able to take a well-earned long lunch.

But perhaps life could be even easier. All of the products we offer to rent at Aqua Flight are also available to buy and keep. Having your favorite water toys permanently stored onboard your yacht would offer you great peace of mind, knowing that those last-minute charter bookings are already catered for.

No-fuss, no drama, just happy guests.

However, what if the idea of owning one of our amazing superyacht water toys appeals but you’re not sure if it’s quite right for you? Perhaps you’re concerned about long-term storage space or how easy the product is to maintain.

Well, now you can try before you buy. Simply rent the items of your choosing, and if you love them (we’re sure you will!) you can turn that into a permanent purchase and keep the toys to enjoy year after year. If you’d rather return the items at the end of the rental period, then no problem.

And with our one-way rental service, we can collect the items wherever suits you on your itinerary.

Owning or renting superyacht water toys should be a fun, hassle-free experience and it’s our mission to ensure that is the case for all our customers. So, when you need water toys, talk to us. The only yacht toy rentals, sales, and service center in South Florida.

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