Rent a boat in Fort Lauderdale

Are you looking for a unique and breathtaking way to spend your vacation in Fort Lauderdale or Miami? Do you prefer thrills and excitement, or are you looking to slow down and relax? No matter what your pleasure is, Aqua Flight can cater to your every need.

Experience Luxury

There is no better way to experience luxury and excitement than to charter a private yacht for a boat cruise around the seas and rivers of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the rest of the East Coast. Enjoy the sparkling reflection of the sun on the blue waters, or watch the oranges turn to pink as the sun sets over the city. Once you immerse yourself in all Aqua Flight offers, you will never want to leave.

Aqua Flight offers a variety of boat charter packages that vary in duration from 4 to 6 hour charters. We offer everything from romantic sunset cruises to weddings to a water sport experience. 

Book a luxury yacht today and get a special price that is catered to your specific needs. Our expert team will help guide you in building the perfect sailing experience for you and your guests. 

You can also experience a taste of our gourmet cooking and expansive bar onboard our larger cruise yachts, or bring your own meals and drinks aboard for a taste of home on your journey. 

We outfitted our yachts with only the best furnishings and equipment to make sure that your cruise is comfortable and memorable. 


Watch the city skyline as you cruise the river by Las Olas and end your night by stopping at the Sandbar to dance the night away. Aqua Flight offers a host of sightseeing tours and fun experiences for you to indulge in. 

Let us show you everything that the seas, beaches, reefs, and mangroves offer. 

Private Snorkeling

Aqua Flight offers exclusive access to reefs outside Fort Lauderdale, bringing a new and exciting experience to add to your holiday to-do list. Let our experienced divers and guides take you on an underwater journey through the beautiful, colorful coral reefs and with the exotic fish. 

Aqua Flight is the only company on the East Coast that can provide you with a truly unique underwater experience. Our yacht toys will turn your snorkeling tour into an unforgettable subaquatic adventure.

Dive deep into our CudaJet or seabobs. And capture the moment for you to relive whenever you want with our high definition underwater recording equipment. 

Extreme Sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then Aqua Flight is the perfect place for you. We specialize in top quality water sports equipment. From aquatic jungle jims and banana tubes, to jet skis and flyboards, we have it all! 

Our expert instructors and guides will help you learn to use the equipment with ease. You can learn how to use most of our toys in under 30 minutes and are suitable for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Scope out our awesome list of water sports toys here.

Charter a Boat Now

Hire a yacht today and get the best that money can buy. Every charter includes a captain, basic staff, and fuel. All additional options are extra. 

Call up our office on 754-300-1964 and design a cruise that is perfect for you!

Happy sailing!

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