Whether you are new to the sport or already pretty dialed in, there are so many reasons why you need to get down to Florida, one of the areas that has become a Flyboarding Paradise. The Sunshine State boasts warm waters, warm temperatures, and huge variety of awesome destinations with perfect conditions for the Flyboarding.

Flyboard in Miami

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Quite possibly the coolest place to Flyboard. The city already has it all with its 24-hour nightlife, culture, great beaches, and awesome food. Now you can add the Biscayne Bay as a top destination for Flyboarding. It is a water sports mecca and its huge size make it ideal for beginners or those needing some room to work on new tricks. And since it is just thirteen miles north of the city, it absolutely perfect for anyone looking for something to do after they dry off.

Fort Lauderdale Flyboarding

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Aqua Flight suggests this is the ideal spot if you have burned out on Miami, but still want a few days of Flyboarding. Just a short drive north of Miami and featuring its own airport, you can actually hit both the lake and the river at the Ford Lauderdale Beach Park or catch some air over the Intracoastal Waterway and then catch some rays on the beach after.

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Let’s face it, if you are like most people, much of your interest in Disney World has probably disappeared. But this is no reason to steer away from Central Florida, which has some fantastic spots for flyboarders. Make your own loop-de-loops and high-powered fun!

The benefit of these places is that you do not have to compete as much with beach water sports such as surfing or stand up paddle boarding for space. You can easily fly into the Orlando airport and then head out to PIER 66 HOTEL AND MARINA which hosts a multitude of massive lakes, but has a much more laid back vibe than Miami.

South Florida

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We can hear you saying it already, “Isn’t that where people go retire and do nothing all day?” but this area is probably has the densest concentration in the world of places you can Flyboard. There are mixture of different environments from to places like Fort Lauderdale, Inlet, Wahoo Bay, LAKE IDA PARK and Pompano Beach just to name a few. This is an opportunity for you to go out and truly test your skills and see if you can adapt to all conditions!

West Florida: Fort Meyers

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How about some West Florida love? FORT LAUDERDALE AND MIAMI  is a fantastic mid-size city that lets you strike a balance between the high energy vibe of Miami and the more chill Central Florida Spots. Not only this, but this is probably the most interesting place to Flyboard. Located in FORT LAUDERDALE, this spot has a much more urban flavor to it, allowing you to coast in the waters while looking out over the local city skyline.

Florida: Heaven for Flyboarders

This is just the tip of the WATERSPORT THINGS TO DO  of great places to Flyboard in Florida. There are so many great spots and the best thing you can do is rent a car and try to hit them all!

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