Fun Things You Can Do In Fort Lauderdale Beyond The Beach


South Florida has got a reputation as one of the most basic US vacation spot that you can head to. Most of the visitors that travel to South Florida don’t have much to do besides visiting the beach and doing the same things over and over again. 

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most visited locations in this area and is a travel spot that families all over the country head to during the summers. The beaches are thronged by visitors who adore the waves at the beach. However, there is a lot more that you can do at Fort Lauderdale besides going to the beach. Surprised? We knew half of our readers would be surprised. 

Such is the perception related to Fort Lauderdale that not many people know how much it has to offer besides the beaches located on it. Knowing that you don’t know much about the options as well, here we mention the fun things to do at Fort Lauderdale besides visiting the beach over and over again. 

Study Lauderdale History 

We understand that touring museums might not be the perfect idea for a vacation for many of our visitors, but that isn’t truly the case. The history of Fort Lauderdale is surely interesting and will keep you captivated for sure. The summer vacation spot has ages of history hidden behind its peaceful beaches and waves, and believe us when we say that this history is worth studying and going over. You can enjoy the services of a guide with yourself to study the history and how it shaped the city to be what it is today. 

Water Taxi 

Technically you might say that this is related to the sea, but you won’t have to encounter a beach here. The culture in Fort Lauderdale is known for the yacht experience. Many people enjoy going on yachts and like the experience of watching the waves surf around them up close. 

However, not many people can afford a yacht, which is why a water taxi is your best bet for enjoying the sights and sounds surrounding Fort Lauderdale. The sea around Fort Lauderdale is quite pacifying, which is why we believe you will have an amazing time. The water taxis also happen to be quite calm and peaceful. 


Many people visiting Fort Lauderdale have no idea that the Everglades are visited at a short distance from the city. You can easily visit the Everglades and enjoy the wetland at the Everglades Holiday Park

You can also enjoy the gator views that you get to watch at the end of your stay at the island. 


The artwork on the area and walls around Fort Lauderdale is amazing. You can just stand in peace and admire this artwork for yourself without fretting about anything. 

Eat and Drink 

The food scene at Fort Lauderdale is the best that we have seen in the whole region. You can enjoy plenty of local and continental delicacies.

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