Yujet Electric Surfboard Sales at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Watersports startup YuJet is releasing a jet-powered electric surfboard next week that the company says takes just five minutes to learn and but will let you ride for about 40 minutes. No waves required.

YuJet seller, Aqua Flight, becomes the largest electric surfboard vendor in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. And, with a replaceable battery, doubling the fun isn’t too tough.

The Yujet electric-powered jet surfboard.

A carbon infused intake and impeller drives the YuJet at speeds of up to 24 miles/hour, or almost 40 kilometers/hour, but riders can adjust their speed with a wireless controller. It’s completely electric, so there’s no fuel, exhaust, or emissions, and there’s almost no maintenance — a big plus over a gas-fueled engine.

The YuJet isn’t cheap at $9,999, but the company says it has a lower total cost of ownership than most boats, jet skis, or other powered water toys, thanks largely to the electric drive. Competing options from companies like Onean start at lower price points, but there are also options ranging up closer to $20,000 from other manufacturers. One, the Awake Ravik S, is about $19,000, plus shipping from Sweden.

If you’re worried about batteries in water, the company says that the “high-powered, replaceable lithium battery is fully waterproof, rechargeable and easy to pop in and out.”

Minus the battery, the board weighs just 20 pounds, so it’s fairly easy to transport.

The Yu-Jet powered surfboard.

“We’ve worked for years to create a product that can propel powered water sports forward,” Jeremy Schneiderman, co-founder of YuJet, said in a statement. “Our first product to market, the YuJet Surfer, is the culmination of our passion, our experience, and our vision for the future. We wanted to make a product that was easy to ride for every skill level and could deliver the thrill of surfing in just minutes. We cannot wait for everyone to experience the excitement of the ride.”

I’m personally looking forward to it.

I don’t surf, although I wish I could, but I do paddleboard whenever I get a chance. Surfing is tough because not only does it require greater skill, it’s only available at very specific ocean locations, or large streams with standing waves.

YuJet looks like a fun way to bring a similar experience to any body of water. As long as you can handle the $10,000 price tag, of course. And of course, the typical risk that comes from trying the debut product from a new company.

Probably the biggest challenge for YuJet in the Fort Lauderdale watersports arena, besides a number of more established competitors is that fact that right now, tens of millions are unemployed thanks to COVID-19. And others are probably shying away from large purchases, given the uncertain economic future.

The company says the YuJet will be available for immediate shipment starting Monday, June 1.

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