Yujet Electric Surfboard Sales & Rentals at Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida is the best place to visit Aqua Flight to buy or rent a Yujet surfboard. An electric surfboard is better than jetsurf since it’s cheaper and easy to maintain. The powerful electric watersports board uses jet propulsion to rocket surfers up to speed.

The YuJet Surfer is a carbon fiber fully electric surfboard with a water jet drive similar to a jet-ski, yet without the gas and maintenance required by conventional jet skis.

That means you can get the surfing experience even without waves, such as on ponds, lakes, and rivers.

The board can reach a top speed of 24 mph (38.6 km/h) and has a range of 16 miles (25.7 km). Unless you’re using the board to commute to work, it may be easier to think in terms of run time. In that case, YuJet says you should get up to 40 minutes of play time on one battery. Aqua Flight watersports sells and rents this electric surfboard in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. You can choose to rent before you buy it.

The batteries are removable, meaning that by swapping in multiple batteries, one could presumably increase the run time.

The lightweight board weighs just 20 lb (9 kg) with the battery removed from its waterproof housing. The fins are also removable, making the board easier to transport.

yujet surfer

Similar to an electric skateboard, the YuJet Surfer is controlled with a handheld wireless remote. A trigger allows the rider (surfer?) to modular the throttle and speed. The controller is also bright orange and floats, making it easier to find if it flies out of your hand when you inevitably part ways with the board mid-surf.

As co-founder of YuJet USA, Jeremy Schneiderman explained in a statement provided to Electrek:

We’ve worked for years to create a product that can propel powered water sports forward. Our first product to market, the YuJet Surfer, is the culmination of our passion, our experience, and our vision for the future. We wanted to make a product that was easy to ride for every skill level and could deliver the thrill of surfing in just minutes. We cannot wait for everyone to experience the excitement of the ride.

The YuJet Surfer is being marketed as a greener way to experience watersports. Not only is it free of gasoline, but it also doesn’t use an exposed propeller, making it even more wildlife-friendly. Keeping the water safe and uncontaminated from polluting chemicals and spinning hazards is a big win.

The YuJet Surfer just went on sale today and ships immediately worldwide from the US, though it will set you back $9,999. While that’s a bit rich for my blood, it’s actually cheaper than some other popular electric surfboards.

Aqua Flight watersports’ take

If we can ignore for a moment that this is a rich person’s play thing, then I actually really like it!

The team says you can learn to ride the YuJet Surfboard in just five minutes, and I imagine that’s probably true.

I’ve never surfed before, but last year I tried the Lift eFoil, an electric hydrofoil board. I learned to surf on it in about 10 minutes or so by starting on my belly, then learning to rise to my knees once the board was in motion, then rising to my feet. The tricky part was once I started hydrofoiling and the board completely lifted out of the water. It was an amazing experience, but also difficult for a beginner to control. After a 45-minute session, I experienced a dozen or so less-than-gentle confrontations with the water’s surface.

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