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If you’re a charter broker or yacht crew, it is critical that your guests have a fantastic and action-packed time on the water. To create unforgettable memories and secure repeat customers, it’s essential to provide a plethora of exciting activities during the charter. That’s why we reached out to yacht brokers, captains, and crew to compile a list of the Top Notch Toys For Charters!

The Top Notch Toys have a lot of variety, but let’s dive into just some of our favorite options that charter guests will love.

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E-foils are one of the most innovative yacht toys on the market. With these exhilarating and silent machines, you can float above the water and feel as if you’re flying effortlessly. E-foils create a surge of endorphins and produce a natural high that is absolutely unparalleled.

The conversation around e-foils is always lively and enthusiastic, and just mentioning them gets charter guests smiling and excited.

Without a doubt, e-foils deserve a spot at the top of our Top Notch Toys For Charters list!

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For a true charter experience, nothing beats a SEABOB. This powerful and innovative watercraft has quickly become a must-have for charter yachts. You can soar through the water at up to 20 km per hour. Whether you want a serene trip or an adventure, the Seabob has you covered.

It’s perfect for exploring narrow crevices or speeding through open water while snorkeling. With its quiet, electric motor, you can use it in tranquil coves and bays for hours of fun without disturbing the marine life.

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Yacht Slides

Why are yacht slides still such a hot option for charters?

Well, they provide an awesome touch, and offer yacht owners a unique way to entertain their guests. With plenty of choices to select from, these buoyant water toys can be customized to fit any yacht’s style and size. They deliver hours of fun for party charters and families alike, topping the list of must-haves. A thrilling ride down the slide, culminating in an exhilarating plunge into the ocean, is a feeling to relish.

When contemplating adding a slide to your yacht’s toys, think about its magnitude and storage. Renting slides is a convenient solution for yachts that don’t have permanent storage space.

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Inflatable Water Toys and Aqua Parks

Inflatable water toys are becoming increasingly popular for water sports fans. They offer a great experience while the yacht is anchored. With our Inflatables and Aqua parks, you’re guaranteed an exciting and memorable experience.

Aqua Parks are ultimate adrenaline rush and a favorite among yacht guests of any age. This towering, climbing pyramid challenges guests physically, providing multiple levels that guests can climb, slide, or jump from. The different levels create various interior and exterior climbing routes, accommodating many guests at once. The Aqua Glide can stand alone or be added to other inflatable water toys to create a customizable aqua park.

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