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Seabob fs precio

Get an adrenaline rush from the world’s best water toy! Learn why SeaBobs offer unparalleled performance, user-friendliness, and more – perfect for yacht charter or personal use.

Seabobs are next-level! Their electric propulsion system makes models reach up to 22 km/h, offering high-speed manoeuvres for guests. Go deep with Seabobs’ impressive 40 meters depth capacity and explore deeper areas of the ocean. With an easily accessible settings menu, altering features is a breeze.

Not only are Seabobs versatile in shallow and deep waters, but customizable too. Add the perfect aesthetic touch to match your yacht’s color scheme with various customization options, including graphics and decals.

Easy to control and user-friendly, Seabobs are perfect for all levels of riders. The simple control system with dual handlebars provides stability and precision during maneuvers.

Choose the perfect fit for you based on speed, range, battery capacity, user age range, and diving performance. Seabobs provide the ultimate water scooter experience and leave others in their wake!


Indulge in luxury and aesthetic value on your yacht with Seabobs. The sleek, modern design of these water scooters is unmatched by other sea scooters on the market.

Get creative with personalized options, such as unique surface colors, wraps and chrome packages, and graphics to match your yacht’s scheme. Be outstanding with identifiable decals and logos, distinguishing your Seabob from other similar devices.

These exceptional scooters offer unmatched diversions. From achieving great speeds, going deeper, to increased battery capacity and user-friendly models suited to a wide range of ages and skill levels. Make ripples with the F5SR model, the fastest and most efficient water scooter in today’s market. The seven gears add up to the rider’s control and stability, maneuvering it through water with ease.

Upgrade to the F5SR model for its unique features that distinct itself from other devices. Two rear tails can increase its ability to control and handle sharp turns with ease. Want to capture the underwater scene? The optional HD two-camera system is an excellent integration.

These revolutionary toys are incomparable. Trust us on this one.

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