Upgrade and Service Your Seabob to Enjoy A Lifetime of Fun with Aqua Flight!


Our audience often hears us talk about the importance of maintaining and servicing Seabobs, but even meticulously cared for units, like those of Captain Henry’s yacht, may eventually encounter problems with aging equipment. However, we’ve found a solution!

If you’re an owner of a Seabob F5 like Captain Henry, you may require frequent repairs or maintenance after years of enjoyment. Luckily, new F5S and F5SR models have been released, which surpass the F5 in terms of performance, durability, and longevity.

Captain Henry had the option to upgrade to either the F5S or F5SR models. The F5S boasts improved battery life and high-performance lithium-ion batteries, providing guests up to 90 minutes of enjoyment before requiring a recharge. The F5SR takes it a step further, offering up to 2 hours of enjoyment and improved autonomy and speed. The advanced jet propulsion system provides enhanced maneuverability for tighter and more accurate turns, along with a smoother ride for guests.

Upgrading to an F5S or F5SR would provide guests with faster acceleration, higher speeds, and better efficiency. The latest software in these new models ensures that electronic problems will be a thing of the past. Upgrading also provides a 24-month warranty with Aqua Flight’s diagnostics, maintenance, and warranty repairs.

The newer models boast a sleek and visually stunning design, available in an array of vibrant colors and textures. Captain Henry plans to customize his new Seabob at the end of the season with a finish and color that complements his yacht’s style. This upgrade was too good to pass up and gave the captain the opportunity to use Aqua Flight’s additional services.

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